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Publisher: Microsoft Studios
( 19K Reviews )
License: Free


OSWindows 10, Windows 8.1
OSWindows 10, Windows 8.1


Adera is the best story-driven adventure game you've ever played! #2 Top Free Game on Windows!

Jane Sinclaire has been on many dangerous adventures, but she’s never experienced anything like the mysterious city of Adera. Throughout her expedition, she’ll have to solve puzzles, collect artifacts, and explore the environments to reveal the mysteries of this new-found civilization. This episodic story begins when Jane receives a desperate message from her long-missing grandfather. Using nothing but her wits and a strange stone orb to guide her, Jane sets out to find her grandfather before it’s too late.


  • 4/14/2016
    Only first Episode free by Dae

    The game is advertised as free, but that's only for the first Episode. The full game is a total of 5 episodes and the last 4 must be purchased. Good game, but the description should be modified to reflect the truth....not bait downloads by saying it's free....4/5th's of the game is not free. Other than being advertised as free, the game is quite good & entertaining, well done.

  • 8/26/2015
    A Great Game But Not Worth the Cost by Rebekah

    Love the game. A wide variety of challenges as the story progresses. However, it is Not worth the cost to purchase a whole season. Its Not that long. I understand developers should get paid for their games.... its a business. But the price should be Much Lower for such a short game.

  • 9/1/2014
    Good design but extorting execution by Unknown

    I liked the game design and play, but really, several game extensions at $5 a pop. Considering that off the shelf gaming from a brick and mortar store would cost $60 max, it was extremely disappointing to finish a level and then be told to pay the ferryman to continue. Microsoft, you need to fix this on your Store so that people know up front they are playing a demo. I have stayed away now that I know how this works.

  • 10/19/2015
    Update:Still -- (Still Still) Waiting for Season 2 by Western

    Excellent puzzles and story line. Superb graphics. Season 1 was fun for all. (Still Still) Waiting for Season 2. Please release more Adera Seasons. We've played all 5 episodes (chapters) of the 1st Season. Any idea when the wait will be over?

  • 1/19/2015
    Love it but....... by Ashley

    Me and my boyfriend love the game and fought over who played what lol so I decided to pay $16.99 for the collectors pack. But there needs to be more it like cuts off at the end and I haven't found anymore to play :(

  • 11/9/2015
    ADERA-This one looks superior!! by cynthia

    The graphics are amazing! The beginning was like most Hidden Object game starts-story wise. LATER-This is the most amazing H. O. game I have ever played. I am playing on the easiest setting (casual) but I haven't moved from my chair since I started almost 2 hrs. ago. Sound effects, special effects and scenery are absolutely outstanding. I DID purchase the entire game; not something I can usually afford to do, but this experience is well worth the $$. I actually "ducked' while "crashing" (special effects)! You can turn in all directions and even look up. (HINT: LOOK up!) I have had NO problems (!) using the mouse control. Hints are well worded NOT to give the location of something away-but just to let you lead yourself. Objects are clearly identifiable, when looking. Use your wits!--- Chapter 2---I LOVE THIS ADVENTURE--this is as real as real can be! (Except, I saw the NEW Microsoft toys 10/6/15!!!-wow). GET THIS GAME!!! You will not regret it....ever! LOOK AROUND!!! 11/8/15-still love


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