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Tiny Troopers

Tiny Troopers

( 13K Reviews )
License: Free


OSWindows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8
ArchitectureARM, x86, x64
OSWindows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8
ArchitectureARM, x86, x64


Size doesn't matter for these miniature men of war. Take control of a platoon of crack soldiers and deploy in a variety or war zones as you battle through the epic campaign.

WAR! WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR? Featuring awesome visuals, intuitive touch gameplay, varied missions and a great sense of humor, Tiny Troopers is the complete package.

HOORAH! You control three highly trained troopers whose missions include destroying the enemy, blowing up structures, and escorting journalists through war torn areas.

WHAT'S THE MISSION? Tiny Troopers features 30 explosive missions spread across three chapters, all tied together into an involving, narrative-driven campaign.

GET PROMOTED Your troops will get stronger and more battle hardened the more missions they survive. Can you keep your squad alive through the whole war?

BATTLE FOR IN-GAME ACHIEVEMENTS Earn 20 in-game XBOX achievements to prove your awesomeness.

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** PLEASE NOTE: "Tiny Troopers" is completely free to play but has optional in-game purchases. In-app purchases can be disabled through your device settings.


  • 5/13/2015
    by Cody

    ☑ Has NOT crashed. ☑ Easy Controls. ☑ Good graphics. ☑ Fun missions & can be completed easily if you spend CP on troops or buffs. ☑ Don't need to spend money to advance or make levels beatable.

  • 8/7/2015
    Purchasing Content/Fun Game/Zombies by Timm

    Its good to see that someone was thinking about in game content prices. This is the first game I have seen with NOT over priced add-on, boosters and upgrades for in game purchase. Its a joke how ALL other games are over priced for purchased content. Thanks for not trying to rip off the consumer. Good game worth the download. Now just need to start adding multiplayer witch if it was up to me would be mandatory for all if not most games. Big part of the gaming experience that the windows games are and have been missing. Zombies are fun but really would be nice to be multiplayer. If your not going to add multiplayer for the game at least come out with (tiny troopers zombie edition) a game with multiplayer/co-op! Thanks!

  • 9/3/2015
    Just something a little different to relax with :) by John

    Very enjoyable, thank you!

  • 5/23/2015
    Tiny troop man by israel

    Best game ever Awesome why don't more people play this game

  • 8/4/2015
    Very fun and addicting :) by Albert

    This game reminds me of the strategy shooters I used to play in the 90's very fun and exciting if there was multiplayer I would play this everyday on a competitive level :) very satisfied.

  • 5/9/2016
    Rating by rick

    Plays great on my surface pro 4, great way to burn off time and relax

  • 12/6/2014
    by Savlat

    Game troopers you are the best plz make more Android games on Windows Phone


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