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Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves

Publisher: Microsoft Studios
( 4867 Reviews )
License: $59.99


OSWindows 10
OSWindows 10


From acclaimed developer Rare comes a shared-world adventure game that offers the ultimate pirate experience.

Packed to the seams with sailing and exploring, fighting and plundering, riddle solving and treasure hunting, Sea of Thieves has everything you need to live the pirate life you’ve always dreamed about.

Set in a glorious world of exotic islands, hidden treasures and dangers both natural and supernatural, Sea of Thieves immerses you in a new type of multiplayer action. Whether you’re adventuring as a group or sailing solo, you’re bound to encounter other crews – but will they be friends or foes, and how will you respond?

Sea of Thieves offers something for everyone, no matter how they like to play: • A world of exploration – set sail upon a vast, open ocean, venturing into new regions and discovering the secrets of unspoiled islands and sunken ships. Hunt for treasure by following maps and untangling riddles, and learn to expect the unexpected... • A world of excitement – engage in ship-to-ship battles with cannon, pistol and cutlass, pursuing rival ships through raging storms. Sail in pursuit of deadly bounties or ferry cargo through hostile waters. Clash with the skeletal remains of cursed former pirates and beware undersea menaces that lurk beneath the waves! • A world we sail together – whether you’re playing alongside friends, matchmaking to find a crew or setting out as a ‘lone wolf’ pirate, you’ll have hilarious, memorable encounters in a world where every sail on the horizon is a crew of real players. • A world of achievement – on your quest to become a pirate legend you’ll amass loot, build a reputation and define a unique personal style with your hard-earned rewards.

It’s an adventure that will grow and evolve over time, with new content arriving regularly to ensure a fresh, exciting experience whenever – and wherever – you choose to set sail. With mounting praise from fans and critics alike, Sea of Thieves is set to be the next unforgettable adventure for players on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC, with enhanced features on Xbox One X.

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  • 1/29/2018
    HOW TO ACCESS THE PREORDER BETA (if you're "Too Early") by Ferrinflame

    1) Preorder as normal 2) Go to the Xbox Store 3) Search for and download the "Xbox Insider Hub" (it's free) 4) Open it (you may have to accept Terms of Use if it's the first time) and go to "Insider Content" 5) Find "Sea of Thieves," select it, and hit join. A message will pop up reqesting you to report bugs if you find any, hit ok and your game download should start!

  • 2/7/2018
    Amaizing Pirate Fun by GRiNCH360

    This is a graphic feast only bettered by seamless, innovative and exciting pirate gameplay. You will definately want headsets and meet or bring friends as the community involvement and team play are both encouraged and rewarded. The best pirate game i've seen on any platform...and guess what? You can play this on multiple platforms if away from your XBOX. Well done developers, amazing!!! (insert slow clap here)

  • 2/1/2018
    Honest Review by Decyfer Vortex

    DO NOT BELIEVE THESE 1 STARS. The beta did have problems but were resolved immediately. Only 15%-20% of features were added and i had a blast for days. ITS JUST THE BETA. DO NOT believe 1 star idiots.

  • 3/17/2018
    AMAZING by VualtDweller101

    The only thing I don't like, is that it's not released yet.

  • 1/30/2018
    So much to do by PrimalBlueSky

    This game has amazing potential. If they take advantage of the world. Im hoping for more guns, PvE encounters, whirlpools in storms, more boats, guns, apparel, shanties, dances, various customization options, etc. It runs smoothy, looks beautiful... can't wait!

  • 2/1/2018
    Greatness awaits by yNeverdie

    Cross-platform is flawless . Beta was great on both PC an XBOX

  • 12/28/2017
    Tech Alpha by OG NickleBlack

    By far my most anticipated game of 2018, I can't wait to play this with my friends. had wild times on the Alpha, we got another crew to join our boat and we ran as a 9 man Gallion an ran the seas. As for gameplay, it worked actually pretty well, no complaints on glitches or anything.

  • 2/4/2018
    later THIS MONTH........ by cyborBOTcool 2

    they're going to make another beta YESSSS⚔⚔⚔