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Trivia Crack Fiends Pou pou Adventure

Trivia Crack Fiends Pou pou Adventure

Publisher: ZenStudioGames
License: Free


OSWindows 10 version 15063.0 or higher, Xbox One
OSWindows 10 version 15063.0 or higher, Xbox One


Do you like Moana easter eggs or Trivia Crack Fiends Pou pou Adventure ? Or maybe babies eggs ? Or simple eggs instead ? If so, you are at the right place for funny mini games with Poupou Moana ! Poupou Moana & Michka will be your children's best friends forever ! Poupou Moana - Kids Vaiana Egg Mini Games is like a pure gold jewel game, composed of many mini games that will entertain you or your babies / kids for hours !

Play Trivia Crack best Fiends Pou pou Adventure Have fun discovering many egg mini games for babies and grown ups ! Your goals in these games will be : - Hatch, break the sweet pink egg and discover what is hidden inside

- Bounce, jump & hop like a spongy bunny on the square platforms in this Doodle Jump style game, help Poupou Moana Egg try the rocket and collect the flying stars under the blue sky

- Do some hill climbing on the desert mountains with your red car and keep the egg baby from falling from the car ! Be careful, you can reach really high supersonic dash speed here ! So sometimes, don't hesitate to be slow and maybe slower than faster.

- Reach the top of the sky & reach the stars in your Eggy hot air ballon ! ( Don't forget to avoid the little birdies and all the kinds of spaceship, spacecraft that will try to block your way whatever the price to pay ). You will also encounter some circular saw ! Be careful and turn right and left to fit in the hole, pass them and survive avoiding suicide.

- Enjoy playing Trivia Crack Fiends Pou pou Adventure some great time in the Parachute Egg adventure. Press the screen to deploy it and fly ! - Many other sports like ski in the big frost, avoidance, adventure and box hitting games are waiting for you.

All of the games come with a soft lullaby that will make your children smile inconditionnaly, sometimes a with a little bit more rythm to make you move fast and enhance Poupou Moana princess and his friend's skills ! Don't worry about the egg, incase it dies, it will reappear and you will be able to play again :)

Many other eggs are available for purchase. Collect the wazey stars in the mini games and unlock them for more fun with your kids. They are customized with glasses, hats, shoes, hands, and may have some other accessories like hair, haircut or even mad lipzstick in further updates !

If you people like these minimalist cartoony mini games, many other eggs and mini games will be available in the next update.

!! Big Announcement !!

Coming soon, a new mini-game with characters from Moana the cockroach games ! There will be also surely a new egg in the colors of oggi that you can control like the others. And an additional world decorated with the colors of the cartoon =).

Hope you like it kiddies Trivia Crack best Fiends Pou pou Adventure=) !



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