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Publisher: Beautiful Mind Games
( 1589 Reviews )
License: Free


OSWindows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8
ArchitectureARM, x86, x64
OSWindows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8
ArchitectureARM, x86, x64


Listed among "Best Windows Phone Apps" (windowsteamblog.com, bestwp7games.com), Triangula is a fun and smart take on the classic paper-and-pencil game Dots and Boxes.

From bloggers around the globe:

• "Triangula is another quirky and insanely playable gaming title from Beautiful Mind Games." • "A two player competitive game that echoes childhood games but with a brilliant twist." • "The game turns out to be perfect in the playability." • "Triangula offers potentially endless gameplay." • "If you like puzzle games, you will love Triangula. A must-have app for lovers of brainteasers."

Great simple game — easy to learn and fun to play, but hard to master.


  • 1/3/2016
    by Jeffrey

    Great way to challenge the special skills

  • 5/10/2015
    Excellent!!! by n++lex

    The best puzzle game I've played so far

  • 7/31/2014
    by Louise

    Love this game! Just like the dot game I played as a kid, but no need to draw my own grids!!!

  • 10/26/2013
    by User

    Challenging game but frustrating because the computer seems to be able to make moves that I am not allowed to. Is there something I'm missing?

  • 9/19/2017
    GREAT GAME by Mary B

    As in Dots and Boxes, you "draw" a straight line between two adjacent horizontal or vertical dots. Unlike Dots and Boxes, you can connect ANY two dots on the board, horizontal, vertical, or diagonal, without intersecting any existing line. When you click on any dot, it will show you which other dots can be connected to it. Just choose one of those dots, and the line is drawn. When you make a triangle, it colors it in your color, and you get to make another line, and if you make another triangle, it is colored again in your color. Repeat until you can't make any more triangles. You and your opponent take turns until the whole board is colored in. It tells you what % of the board each color covers, revealing the winner. I always play against the computer, and I really enjoy it. Kudos to the developer, and thanks for a really great game.

  • 2/9/2016
    its a awesome strategy game by Allison

    I love everything about triangula it really trains your mind and is a very logic and strategic game!!!!!!!!!

  • 9/9/2015
    by Jaco

    Challenging and frustrating when I loose!

  • 10/3/2013
    by User

    Great game but seems as if the computer has advantages and moves that are not permitted to the player. Takes over areas I've already claimed.


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