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Publisher: Warm Kitten
( 4 Reviews )
License: Free


OSWindows 10
Architecturex86, x64
OSWindows 10
Architecturex86, x64


Magic adventures steeped in turn based awesome-sauce! Enjoy single-player or 2-player campaigns! Create your own adventures and share them with the world! No pay-to-win!

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  • 2/26/2018
    An impressive ride by Jerry

    This a fun little game. Not as easy as it looks.

  • 2/11/2018
    Unique and awesome! by Anders

    Simple, yet challenging board game with lots of mind puzzles. Beautiful graphics.

  • 2/5/2018
    It's finally here! by Fabian

    I've been testing this back and forth during the last couple of years, super excited that it finally arrived All that is missing is some multiplayer support


About SpellClash

This addon still works through other addons including Ovale! This addon is able to create suggestions of just what spell you may want with cast next by flashing upon top of the .

Spellflash Not Working

Beside every bitten's spell flash as of patch 6.0 beside your spell flash within my. If the issue is apparent upon new alts, leveling them up will fix it..

Spellflash Replacement

(For instance, only telling me which can -EVER- use Frostbolt as a frost mage unless . Title. I've tried Ovale, but it's so bugged right now it's not funny.

Spellflash Rogue

This module flashes suggested spells for all three Rogue specs. If you download using this Curse Client it will . You can find *lots* more information in its website.

Spellflash Warlock

If you download using the exact Curse Client it . You can find *lots* more information about its website. This module flashes suggested spells for all three Warlock specs.

Spellflash Druid

Bitten's SpellFlash modules replace Blizzard's default proc highlighting in which usually to flash any button you should press next in which usually to achieve maximum dps in a boss fight..

Spellflash Commands

Delete all Spellflash addons, install Spellflashcore, and switch with Ovale.. Just don't use those console commands and use all of the regular game BUTTON for it.

Spellflash Demon Hunter

Buffs & Debuffs. Hunter. Chat & Communication. Mage. Bags & Inventory. Death Knight. Audio & Video. Monk.. Druid. Class. Boss Encounters. Demon Hunters.

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