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Radiant Defense

Radiant Defense

Publisher: David Peroutka
( 2967 Reviews )
License: Free


OSWindows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8
ArchitectureARM, x86, x64
OSWindows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8
ArchitectureARM, x86, x64



Radiant Defense is a tower defense game set in a vibrant universe invaded by countless alien hordes.

Build your space fortress any way you wish, set up wide variety of weapons and traps and let the invasions begin!


Radiant Defense is free to play without any ads, supported only by in-app purchases. Each in-app purchase greatly enhances your tactical options.


"It's refreshing to find a game that respects your intelligence, money, and time. All the better that it's good fun, too." - Touch Arcade

"Radiant Defense is one of the best interpretations of the genre we’ve witnessed in an age. If you like this kind of game, you really should download it immediately." - KnowYourMobile

"Radiant Defense is still a tower defense game, but it's a really good one. Get this game and start fending off the brilliantly bright waves of invaders that come your way." - GameZebo

"Radiant Defense is an engrossing strategy game with lovely spacey visuals and just enough quirky touches to set it apart from the crowd. It's another triumph for Hexage" - NokNok


  • 3/21/2014
    by Dimas Aryo

    Really guys, level 3? I got all 3 stars from level 1 to 5, after then, the game become almost impossible to defeat unless you buy the premium weapons -.- Its a good game btw, I'm currently on level 7, The trick is dont use all of your money on every stage, upgrade when needed, dont buy new weapon unless the alien is too strong. (optional for sure win)restart stage if any alien manage to get through, buy new weapon and reroute.

  • 3/13/2015
    Warning by Jose

    Warning people wanting to download this game. Impossible to beat level 12 unless you pay for packs. If you don't pay you cant beat the game. No person has beaten level 12 without paying, no videos on the internet, no walkthrough, nothing. Very fun game that shouldn't con us players into playing this game..... only to make it impossible to pass the level.

  • 8/5/2014
    3 star game that could have been 4 or 5 by William

    This is a fun game, until you get to the point that you can't move on without the upgraded weapons that cost real $$. After reading other reviews that warned of this, I thought it was just impatient players that didn't take the time to get upgrades. I was mistaken. There are no special in-game rewards or currency to buy new items. After a day or two of playing, you get stuck and then frustrated with this game. So if you don't mind shelling out a few bucks here and there, this game will be fine for you. But if you are looking for a free game to play for a while, you might want to look elsewhere.

  • 2/25/2016
    by Jordan

    The first few missions are great. Once you get to mission 4, the game is impossible unless you pay for in game bonus packs. So, I'd you don't want to spend money, give this one a pass. If you don't mind shelling out some coin for in game purchases, this is a pretty fun game.

  • 11/1/2015
    by Matt

    I've noticed that lots of people are saying you have to pay to win. I have successfully completed all levels with 3 stars without the packs, so that's a load of **. Just because its difficult doesn't mean its impossible. You can find walkthroughs of every level on YouTube that don't require the packs, they just male it a little easier and more fun.


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