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Publisher: neosonne
( 153 Reviews )
License: Free


OSWindows 10, Windows 10 Mobile
Architecturex86, x64, ARM
OSWindows 10, Windows 10 Mobile
Architecturex86, x64, ARM


With Mus'box player you can easily access your music collection and play them. All music files are automatically sorted by 5 categories (artists, genres, composers, albums and songs), so you can always quickly find the desired songs. As an added feature you can navigate through your music folders and play them. Of course you can create your own playlist as well.

The simple and intuitive user interface can be easily personalized. It is possible to change accent color and background image.


  • 5/19/2016
    One of the better music player around by Mira

    Tested tons of media players over the years since WP8, and I've finally settled on Musbox. File-dragging ability, reads from folders in a jiff (no super long waiting time for app to update/read), different layout views (try resizing super small and big on desktop to see this) easy to use, easy enough on the eyes. Developer responses to feedback too. Am using this on both PC and my mobile phone. On my PC, it handles my 165GB of music like a champ. On my mobile, it handles tons of my music on my SD card well. One happy user here. Wish there was (1) a way to disable from showing album art (2) and open current playing song's folder.

  • 2/3/2017
    Great app. 5 star by Reza

    Best music player. Pls add equalizer

  • 2/22/2017
    Great Music Player by Remarkable

    Does everything I want it to do - especially keeping my place in my playlist. My new computer came with Groove. Typical POS Microsoft product. Used Windows Media Player for years. Got so frustrated with it, I had to find a new app. Tried several before coming upon this gem. Once I figured out how to get my music to play (not intuitive), I've had no complaints.

  • 12/25/2016
    Awesome by Paul

    First music app that works the way I want. It lets me organize my music into folders, and will update it's library to reflect any changes I've made at the folder level. --- I find music apps like iTunes (which make one giant music library then require me to manually update every different playlist whenever I add even a single song) to be insanely burdensome.

  • 2/18/2017
    Nice Player! by Ali

    Thanks for Nice App. Please add Song View in Artist And Download Automatic Artist's Picture for Live tile.