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Zombie Madness II

Zombie Madness II

Diterbitkan oleh: Lumosoft
( 157 Ulasan )
Lisensi: Free

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OSWindows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8
OSWindows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8


Users said: ▷ "Insanely addictive!" ★★★★★ ▷ "Best mobile zombie game so far." ★★★★★ A must-have for zombie lovers, Zombie Madness is an addictive and challenging zombie survival / shooting / action game. Combining the element of tower defense and active zombie shooting/head blowing, "Zombie Madness" is very easy to pick up, very hard to put down. Hordes of zombies are approaching your position. Captain, your order is clear: Hold your position until reinforcements arrive. Use grenades, machine guns to stop their advance. ▷ Choose from a legendary collection of classic World War 2 guns (Thompson machine gun, PPSH41, Karabiner 98...) and grenades! ▷ Train your squad with various skill combinations - "Piercing Shot", "Fast Reload", "Sniper"... ▷ Expand your squads, train new soldiers ▷ A lot of gun fire, a lot of blood, and a lot of zombie limbs blowing off! Try it, you'll be addicted! v3.6.2 Tutorial for buying gun v3.6.1 Fire button effect; smaato v3.5 Upgraded zombie graphics, icon and menu v3.4 Upgraded graphics, dog zombie, dog rush, shield rush v3.3 Blood splatter sound effect, new tutorial v3.2 Updated icon, updated main menu v3.1 Interactive tutorial v3.0 New skill: Artillery Bombardment v2.9 New gun: PTRS-41 Anti-tank; More powerful grenade; share prompt v2.8 New weapon: "Molotov Cocktail" v2.7 New zombie added: "Shield Wielder" v2.6 Rebalanceing; zombie graphics; new perk "Swift Thrower" v2.5 Updated BG graphics; Reduced lag in low memory devices v2.4 Gun fire effect added v2.3 Crash issue fixed; faster game load v2.2 Battle music added.


  • 27/04/2016
    by Nsr

    Its awesome..

  • 16/03/2017
    by agus


  • 17/05/2016
    by david

    Lumayalah biar gak bosen

  • 25/04/2016
    by Pengguna


  • 21/04/2016
    by User

    So cool

  • 25/03/2016
    by zaenal



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