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Smart Boxing3D

Smart Boxing3D

Diterbitkan oleh: Charismasoft
Lisensi: Free

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OSWindows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8
OSWindows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8


Smart-Boxing 3D is a combat boxing game, in which you have to fight with other boxers … you have to defeat them to go further… just select a player and an opponent and play boxing. The hottest action boxing game hits on Windows Phoe now!!! GLOBAL PvP IS HERE! Atom and Zeus bring yours legendary online multiplayer battles. Take on robot fighters from all across the world to win the Ultimate Championship. Top the Global Leaderboard to win awesome Rewards. The time is now to prove your mettle against the greatest Real Steel WRB fighters on earth. Fight!

Battle in this epic robot combat and fighting game alongside 70 million players. Prove your mettle as the true champion in over ten live events like Sports Day, Heavy Weight League, Terror Nights and in exciting Daily Exhibition matches. Easy sliding and touching screen bring about continuously cool striking!!! Perfect integration of control, speed and hit with innovative elements!!! Get high scores with plenty of amusing props!!! Experience fighting in a relaxing casual game!!! Numerous weapons and splendid boxing!!! Do you love boxing and crazy striking? If you do, Boxing Storm is a must for you!!! Description: Sliding your fingers on screen to play games. Clicking both sides of screen to throw a straight fist with fast speed. This kind of punching strikes continuously, but it can be defended and has little harm. Drawing a line in the middle of screen triggers hooking fist, which leads to intermediate hurt and also can be defended with medium speed. Drawing a slanting line can’t be defended and lead to tremendous harm with long time but easily counter-attacked!

★Game Features★ ★Plenty of boxing superstars are set for your choice ★Various and fun game modes ★Increasing strong opponents in upgrading levels ★Super realistic gaming effects take you into an authentic battlefield ★Very pleasant background music exciting you in boxing Real Boxing is the best FREE fighting experience on the Google Play, with jaw-dropping graphics, full-blown career, multiplayer with real prizes and intuitive controls How to Play:

- Select an opponent from Opponent Selection - Start fight by punching rights & lefts - Navigate buttons to punch the other boxer - When you win... go back to main menu - Go to Skill Shop to update your boxer skills and go fight again - You can also choose the ring-environment

Game Modes:

Practice mode: In which you can learn the smart boxing. Skill up yourself for boxing game. Arcade Mode: It’s a Gameplay mode, in which you should defend yourself from your opponent and try to knock your competitor. Punch your opponent on his head to make him unconscious then the victory is yours.

Game Features:

- Fully 3d environment - Amusing Graphics and sounds - Better player Controller - Better camera motion - Rules of Combat fight included - Multiple character/players to select - Audience cheering and clapping added - 4-Fighting fight arenas added - 5-opponent to select



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