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Sitejabber: Ratings & Reviews on Every Site

Sitejabber: Ratings & Reviews on Every Site

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OSWindows 10
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OSWindows 10
Arsitekturx86, x64


Sitejabber is the leading community of online business reviewers. The Sitejabber Extension lets you see what the community thinks of each site you visit via a small red, yellow or green SJ button in the corner of your browser. Stay safe as you browse the web.

Also, whenever you search the web, you can see Sitejabber ratings on each search result.

The red, yellow or green SJ button is your gateway to more information on any website. Red means the Sitejabber community has had bad experiences with a site. Yellow means mixed experiences. And green means positive experiences. If you hover over the SJ button you can get a quick rating summary of any site. And by clicking on the SJ button, you can access detailed review and rating information, as well as rate websites, write reviews and ask questions about any website (the Sitejabber community and website owners respond).


Sitejabber’s 100,000+ reviewer community helps consumers from around the world avoid scams and find trustworthy websites. Sitejabber has been named a Top 100 Website by PC Magazine and Top 100 Money Move by CNN, and its review data has been cited on CBS News, ABC News, Fox News and “Good Morning America.” Since its founding in 2008, Sitejabber has been used by over 100 million consumers and has been funded in part by the U.S. Government’s National Science Foundation.

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Note: Sitejabber never records or stores any of your browsing data.



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