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OSWindows 10 versi 10240.0 atau lebih tinggi, Xbox One, Windows 10 versi 10240.0 atau lebih tinggi
OSWindows 10 versi 10240.0 atau lebih tinggi, Xbox One, Windows 10 versi 10240.0 atau lebih tinggi


Moonie is an all-in-one portfolio monitoring, analysis, bookkeeping and reporting app designed for cryptocurrency investors and traders. Providing an easy way to document and track all of your crypto trading and transaction activity.

Keeping accurate records of your trading history takes time, effort and patience. Why struggle with all that complex number crunching when Moonie can do it for you?

Simply enter all of your transaction activity and let Moonie do the rest. Calculate unrealised and realised capital gains for a chosen fiscal year. View a timeline of held assets maturing to long-term holds. Generate a variety of customisable reports such as tax year summary, transaction history, current balances, fees paid, gains and holds.

Getting started • Manage your full transaction history in one place • Enter trades and transactions with ease • Incoming, outgoing, trades, transfers and fees • Import bulk transactions from a csv file • Add unlimited transactions for any coin or exchange

Dashboard • Current portfolio value • Currency balances and distribution between accounts • Account values and balances breakdown • Unrealised and realised gains for a chosen fiscal year • Fiat invested and cryptocurrency converted back to fiat • Transaction fees paid • Optionally view your portfolio in bitcoin valuations

Reports • Portfolio activity summary for a chosen fiscal year • End of fiscal year currency balances and values • Realised and unrealised capital gains for each currency • Calculate capital gains for each transaction • Comprehensive gains breakdown for each taxable event • Short to long-term hold projection for held assets • Drill down into transaction fees paid • Export reports to pdf or csv

Customise • Support for major local currencies (fiat) • Fiscal year time period for reporting purposes • FIFO, LIFO, HPFO and LPFO cost layering methods for calculating gains • Time period for held assets to be deemed long-term holds • Optionally include bitcoin valuations along with your local currency

Moonie is a unique solution for portfolio monitoring and helps you to prepare for tax time reporting. No subscription fees or hidden in-app purchases.

Moonie stores all its data in a database locally on your computer. With the exception of retrieving current currency prices (optional), Moonie can be used offline for all data entry, editing and report generation.

Let Moonie Crunch Those Numbers!

Please note: Moonie is a standalone bookkeeping application and is not affiliated with any crypto/virtual/digital currency or blockchain platforms.



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