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Locate - Find My Friends

Locate - Find My Friends

Diterbitkan oleh: Mobibit Softwares Private Limited
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Lisensi: Free

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OSWindows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8
OSWindows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8


Locate is a Cross platform GPS Based Social Mapping App which brings real time location of your Facebook friends & family members to keep you in touch with those whom you care for.


1. User Profile:-

- Know your current location on the map. make your commuting easy with live location update

2. Friends Profile:-

- Track your friends location on map with their consent. - Add new friends & share your location info with them. - know the navigation route to your friends location - Send Add me request to your Facebook friends to Bring them in your Location circle - Share pins to add them on your GPS network - Unfriend or Get invisible if you don't want to share your location anymore with your friend

3. Facebook Checkins:-

- Search and share information about the place where you are, with your Facebook buddies. - Search & share information about particular page or company on Facebook.

4. Nearby places:

- Get to know about some cool & popular places to hangout

5. Emergency:

- Share your location with your near ones to let them know about your last location in case of emergency

6. Route to Friend- - Get the detailed route information to navigate to your friends location

7. Live Navigation: - Supports real time location update to make your commuting easy & effective.

8. Family Safety:

- Share location safely & keeps in touch and see where everybody is in real-time.


  • 25/05/2016
    by Nur

    Add gw ya . Cf0oiq

  • 31/10/2015
    by irawan

    Bagus,, sayngnya cuma pin....coba bisa pake no telp

  • 25/03/2016
    by suprapto

    Banyak iklan

  • 07/11/2015
    by Pengguna


  • 17/09/2014
    by budi

    lama bnget

  • 07/11/2015
    by Rahmat


  • 04/08/2015
    by nugroho

    Mantap... Add aq ya 9J334X

  • 19/04/2015
    by awal

    Add aku ya friends pin AUJQO6


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