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Handy-Signatur App

Handy-Signatur App

Diterbitkan oleh: A-Trust elektr.Datenv. GmbH
Lisensi: Free

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OSWindows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1
OSWindows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1


Handy-Signatur App: High Security in your Pocket

Handy-Signatur is legally equivalent to your handwritten signature. Thanks to sophisticated security mechanisms you can move with your mobile signature app in a highly secure way across the digital world .

Electronic Signature – any place, any time

With Handy-Signatur you can legally sign documents. At the same time it is also your virtual identification credential, which you can use to identify yourself on the internet in the same way you might use a drivers' license or passport in everyday life. With Handy-Signatur you have access to more than 200 E-Services for business and government.

Speed Sign

Do you find it annoying to enter a TAN code from an SMS? With our new Speed Sign function you only need to scan the QR-Code on your screen in order to complete your signature.

Your digital toolbox: a mail box for everything

Handy-Signatur also includes Handy-Signatur Konto: use it to archive important documents, contracts and bills. Sign and send documents directly from your account. Handy-Signatur Konto has a dynamic structure which keeps your life in focus. Often things come to you from multiple sources. With Handy-Signatur Konto you have a gained a place to store everything in a structured manner – a secure place.

Your digital identity

The rapid digital development of our world communications has created new challenges: How can I identify myself uniquely? Where can I store sensitive documents that are important to me? How can I sign documents electronically? A-Trust, an accredited certification provider since 2002, acts as your ideal partner in an increasingly complex digital and mobile life.

Data Security

The Austrian-developed Handy-Signatur Konto counts as one of the most modern storage technologies worldwide. Encrypted data archiving in highly A-Trust's secure data centres as well as the use of certificate-based authentification processes guarantee highest security and protect your data from unauthorized access.

Just to play it safe

Handy-Signatur stands for independence in time and place. The freedom to be able to decide when and where and which business or administrative process to use, is becoming more important both in business and in private life. A-Trust guarantees maximal security standards, which conform with all EU directives, regulations and laws.



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