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Athena DICOM Viewer

Athena DICOM Viewer

Diterbitkan oleh: Medical Harbour
Lisensi: Gratis

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OSWindows 10
OSWindows 10


► Do more and better with Athena Athena DICOM Viewer is a breakthrough medical imaging software, an evolution of DICOM Viewers. Developed to high production, Athena incorporates many useful resources, shortcuts and tools to have a better diagnostics and increase production. Access patients with one click, connect to your PACS anywhere and anytime with the maximum convenience and flexibility in their day to day.

► Simple and intuitive Athena Dicom Viewer is designed to be extremely easy to use, dismissing user manuals, all to be prompt, facilitating access to DICOM images located anywhere such as USB, DVDs, local disks, PACS servers or even clouds.

► The best experience in medical imaging Surprise yourself with the amazing Athena DICOM Viewer design. Clean, intuitive and specially designed for touch screens, try to use it in your PC, laptop or tablet. Instantly view series of different modes on the same screen. Have the power of evaluation of multiple simultaneous and synchronized series.



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